A year sabbatical went by in the blink of an eye… and I never posted a thing.  Too busy seeing great works of art and architecture and incredible landscapes and people.  Thanks to great builders and clients, work proceeded smoothly during my absence.  And now that I’m back and diving into new projects it will be a while before I begin to write these musings on the things I saw and architects and architecture that are important to me.  I reckon I’m in no rush because, as the photo demonstrates, it’s actually visiting in person that matters in the world of art, and although words might give one deeper insights they can never compare to being there and imbibing a great creation in silence.



At the mid-point of their careers, many of my favorite architects left their practices and re-invented themselves.  The most famous (or infamous) of these was Frank Lloyd Wright, who, just over a hundred years ago when divorce was unusual, ran away from his wife and children to Europe with his mistress.  I’m running away with my wife and two daughters for a sabbatical journey around the world in 2012-13.

It’s hard to do, not just because of the logisitcs themselves, but because I love my work and, at the moment, have great projects and great clients (they usually go hand in hand).  But it was a family vision and the window is small for the speed at which children grow up, so we are off and wandering.   I expect that, as a lover of architecture, visiting some of the greatest buildings in human history will be reward enough (on top of spending so much time with my family).  That combined with the “down-time” from work will certainly have my creative juices flowing on the return to Sedona.  Whether I re-invent myself or not, I already am looking forward to coming home to design new buildings.  In Sedona… and elsewhere as well!

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