Testimonial I

“From the very beginning of our relationship, it was clear that Charlie was the perfect architect for our site.  This was our initial impression when we went through the process of interviewing several local architects for our project.  Having gone through the entire design process and the construction, we can say our initial thoughts have been strongly confirmed:  the uplands desert and Van Block fit hand and glove.

We have previously worked with four different architects in the design and building of four homes.  While these architects were creative and able people, Charlie more than matched all of them in providing wonderful, creative architecture.  But none of them came close to matching Carlie’s commitment to the execution of his assignment in such a superb manner.  His management of details, his ability and understanding to integrate structure and land, his preoccupation with bringing to reality the full architectural potential of the site are obvious to us.  He is a good listener, takes precise notes and never forgets anything.  It is a pleasure dealing with him.

Many sites in Sedona are not easy to build on.  They do require well developed architectural skills if the artistic potential of these sites is to be realized.  To do this well is something that comes natural to Charlie.  He loves the trees and the other native vegetation and goes out of his way to respect the natural setting, integrating it into the design.

Charlie also understands construction, a welcome skill in relating well to the builders.  We have completed the house we wanted to build.  We did so on time, within the financial parameters that we had agreed upon and in the quality manner we insisted on.

All of this could give the impression of high and excessive praise.  Perhaps.  But that is the way we really feel.  It is as simple as that.”

Steve and Connie Snoey
Senior Officer at Herman Miller, 1957 – 1983

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